"A New Multi-Culture Based Metaphoric Workshop Serving the People of Hawaii for the Improvement of Relationships in Our Forever Growing Community."

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A wise Kupuna (Teacher) once said, "Treasure time like it's worth pure gold, for time is the only commodity we cannot borrow."


Bridging the Gap (BTG) was formed with the idea to encourage the participation of teacher and parent in the maximum development of children. Parents and teachers are the most valuable assets to the school community. Their active participation is very important for the healthy development and success of the children.

A unique workshop for parent, child, and teacher

Bridging the Gap Metaphorical Educational Learning Experience (MELE) of Honolulu, Hawaii has almost 20 years of experience transforming the lives of hundreds of local families through the use of multicultural metaphors.

MELE has helped all participants improve their understanding of each other and the challenges they face, and deepened student engagement and learning proficiency.


Bridging the gap- A culture base – leadership training for the 21’st Century Manager… All business leaders can get professional training and coaching to improve their relationship with the company and throughout. These lessons can dramatically improve the way leaders and employees within the organization communicate, understand and deal with one another.  


Let us help you bridge the gaps

Our aim is to bridge the gap between students, teaches, and the greater community and to inspire its students to higher levels of accomplishment. Today Bridging the Gap Metaphorical Educational Learning has expanded its reach to individuals and families in the community that are suffering through a breakdown in relationships, financial difficulty, or addiction.


Our workshops teach them how to find strength, knowledge, and the necessary skills using cultural metaphors from our interconnectedness as Pacific islanders. Our aim is to provide a much healthier and more refreshing classroom management relationship

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