"A New Multi-Culture Based Metaphoric Workshop Serving the People of Hawaii for the Improvement of Relationships in Our Forever Growing Community."

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Metaphorical teachings are not new, but they are unique to how they impact Hawaii families.  Hawaii is world-renown as an ethnic melting pot, with a multitude of races and ethnicities living side by side.  Uniting these diverse groups is an interconnectedness that comes from our cultural past as Pacific Islanders and which are today passed on through our families from one generation to the next. Bridging the Gap brings these metaphors to life with students, teachers and parents in both a personal and group learning environment.


These metaphorical teachings strengthen the interconnectedness that we already share.  It brings them back to life and re-instills a deeper self-awareness of who we are and where we come from.  Rebooting in this way, also realigns ourselves with everyone we deal with - in the family, at work and throughout the community.  Improving the inter-personal and intra-personal relationship, on a very deep level, is the key to improving everything that relationship affects and is affected by.  And, the ability to continuously enhance that relationship - between parent, child and teacher - on an ongoing basis is key to learning and to succeeding in our global 21st century.

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Bridging the Gap Metaphorical Educational Learning Experience (MELE) of Honolulu, HI. is a family owned and operated organization.


Our team has  experience of almost 20 years in improving your relation with your child. Don't help your child suffer academically and emotionally. Let us help you interact better with your child by bringing much healthier and refreshing solutions to the home and classroom.

Abreu "Abe" Correia was born in Kona, Hawaii. He is a respected motivational speaker and champion for the Native Hawaiian community. His unique style of teaching is vibrant and full of laughter and hands-on activities. He and his wife Fran have 7 children and 2 grandchildren. They live on the island of Oahu in Makaha on the Waianae Coast.


Bridging the Gap is the brainchild of Abe Correia.  Abe has been an educator, teacher and counselor for many years and he created the BTG curriculum to lift the lives of children and families in Hawaii.  His teachings cut across ethnic lines, and are valuable to anyone seeking to enrich their or their families' lives through personal empowerment and understanding.  He has taught formal courses and held workshops in Hawaii and the mainland.  He has written extensively and been published on the subject of Bridging the Gap, and has been recognized for his work by community, business and government leaders alike.

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About Abreu " Abe" Correia

Are you a working parent who is worried about not being able to give your child the time and attention he or she deserves? Get in touch with us. We will help you better understand and communicate with your child.

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