"A New Multi-Culture Based Metaphoric Workshop Serving the People of Hawaii for the Improvement of Relationships in Our Forever Growing Community."

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I met Abe through a leadership program in Oahu. There was something about his Mana that touched my heart. I found him to be a caring, understanding, and transparent Kane. He is full of positive energy, wisdom through life experience, family, community, education, and most of all, leads by example. He spent a lot of time helping me deal with personal issue and direction on starting programs back home for my community. Today, everything is as going as Ke Akua planned. I'm still married, and more involved with leadership in my community. I could always count on Abe. He is truly a blessing to my family, and his community.

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Bridging the Gap Metaphorical Educational Learning Experience of (MELE) of Honolulu, Hawaii has been in business for almost 20 years. There are many programs in Hawaii but our organization is unique as we connect with Na'au.


Na'au means a "gut feeling". This gut feeling invokes a sense of urgency and helps us make important choices in our lives. Participants connect through storytelling and ancestral roots. Our programs teach morals, values, and respecting elders. We also discuss the deep connection with moral nature. It is the belief of the Hawaiians that Na'au is a feat of thought, intellect, and affection. See below what our happy and satisfied clients have to say about us.

Rome and I met Abe through a meeting at Leeward Community College concerning homeless families on the beaches at Waianae. We both have done voluntary services in feeding homeless families on the Waianae Coast, and became good friends.  We have recently started a foundation Lokomaika'i Hui Ho, a Hawaii non-profit corporation helping foster children exiting out of foster care.


Abe is a true blessing to us. His expertise in building our foundation has been a great help. His constant mentorship and follow up gave us the passion to pursue our foundation on a timely manner.


In three months we were able to form the Lokomaika'i Hui Ho foundation. We forever more express our gratitude, Abe, for the foster children of Hawaii also say Mahalo Nui Loa.


Love and Aloha,

Rome and Marriet

Lopaka Lerma --- Asian Pacific Islander Support Group, Founder --- San Diego, CA

Rome and Marriet ---  Waianae, HI

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As both a teacher and a special education skills trainer in Hawaii, I have been burdened and challenged with the idea that teachers, students, and parents should work closely together as a TEAM, to ensure the success of the children we are educating. So, when I was invited to a "Bridging the Gap" workshop, I was very excited. I was anxious to meet others who shared this concern that I had for the welfare of the students and families in our community.


What I found at the "Bridging the Gap" workshop that I attended were individuals coming together in a safe environment, where they were free to share and compare experiences and ideas.


What struck me the most about my time with these wonderful people was the aloha that I felt, as well as the ease with which we all shared. The support and sense of community I experienced made me feel as if I had known these people for many years, even though we just met.


I am looking for three things from this program. First, I am seeking ways that I can be a better teacher and community member, as we come together to effect change and promote communication. Second, I am looking for connections and for lasting friendships that have, amazingly, already begun to develop and grow even in this short time since I attended my first workshop. Finally, I am interested in starting a "not for profit" business of my own, so I come desiring mentorship and education in this pursuit, as well as the opportunity to become a part of a network from which we can all mutually benefit.

Lori Souza --- Waianae, HI

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