"A New Multi-Culture Based Metaphoric Workshop Serving the People of Hawaii for the Improvement of Relationships in Our Forever Growing Community."

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Culture Based Educator –Unique and Intensive Workshops –Bridging The Gap with Aloha

Ke ala O kou Wa’a “The Pathway of Your Canoe”, is a unique blend of cultural workshops, where people come to learn practical skills and solid strategies to establish effective partnerships where the most common obstacles and barriers will be identified in workshops using the wisdom through our ancestors and methods to solve these problems to build trust, recognize our internal values, increase communication and reconnect.


All interested person, groups, and organizations can contact Bridging the Gap for more information on individual counseling, training, or coaching.  You can also talk to us for more information on our workshop availability and curriculum. You will gain knowledge on how to increase the value of goal setting, value of time management and the power of visualization.  Join our workshops today to learn how to connect, communicate, and cultivate a much healthier and more meaningful relationship where people of Hawaii can now super-size their dreams and sail their canoe to new horizons.

Unique and Intensive Workshops

Bridging the Gap Metaphorical Educational Learning Experience (MELE) of Honolulu, Hawaii has an experience of almost 20 years in providing highly interactive and educational workshops.


Let us help you improve your overall well-being and make you more self-sufficient and independent. Our workshops will help you make the most difficult decisions of your life smoothly and will also help you lead a happy and peaceful life.

Let us help your child lead a balanced, happy, and independent life through our self-improvement and vision and learning workshops!

Call us to learn more about our self-improvement and vision and learning workshops


To learn more, please download more information about our workshops here.

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